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By keeping the essence of traditional pickles, jams and spreads, we added our own unique twist to the products by filling them with bags of flavour, interesting textures and stunning combinations. Each gourmet product is carefully put together by a variety of processes- some are finely chopped, some crushed and others left to simmer in its own syrups and sauces. Rustic and down to earth, each artisan product is sculpted to its own perfection.

Red Pepper Jam

Mediterranean Pickled Garlic

Beetroot & Orange Chutney

Onion & Sage Jam

Strawberry & Chilli Relish

Three Chilli Jam

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What makes Soetmuis special?

Only using the freshest ingredients, accompanied with a spoonful of zest and arms full of creativity, Soetmuis is the most full round taste experiences that anyone can wish for. Indulge in the variety of gourmet Soetmuis flavors along with good friends, good cheese and good wine. Make every visit one to remember and surrender to the wonderful flavors that this wonderful life has to offer.

We offer even more

Not only does Soetmuis boast with an amazing range for your personal use at home, we also offer different packs of products for different occasions. Our beautifully packaged combinations are completed with a custom designed sticker with your own personal brand / event name

Wedding favours

Corporate gitfs

Hotels & Lodges