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Standard Platter

Just a little something yum!
  • One small Soetmuis trio (3 x 28ml jars)
  • 1 cold cut meat
  • Cream cheese and 1 soft cheese
  • Olives
  • Cherry Tomatoes with basil leaves,
  • Salted Crackers

Premium Platter

A hearty platter to share
  • Flavours of Soetmuis Cube (6 x 28ml jars)
  • 2 cold cuts meat
  • Cream cheese and 2 cheeses
  • Olives and Mixed Nuts
  • Cherry Tomatoes with basil leaves,
  • Salted Crackers and Malba Toast

Deluxe Platter

All this and more!
  • Soetmuis Large Trio (3 x 125ml jars)
  • 4 cold cuts meat
  • Cream cheese with 2 soft cheeses and 2 hard cheeses
  • Olives, Mixed Nuts and Dried Fruit
  • Grapes. Cherry Tomatoes and basil leaves
  • A selection of crackers and toasts

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Wine, cheese, malbatoast and SOETMUIS